Advantages And Benefits Of Automation Software

Marketing automation software has existed since at least 1980. One example of software that pioneer market automation are the programs that automatically insert names and addresses of a database into letters and envelopes that will be sent to prospects and customers by mail. They have been a mainstay of direct marketing for nearly three decades and it became possible because of the help of an early form of automation software. The difference between that software and the online platforms that exist now is the concept of ‘real time" and the enormous amount of variable data available.

When you visit Amazon, for example, while you"re logged in, you"ll find that your name has been dynamically inserted on the home page and the base of your browsing history where you can view your previous purchases, your ‘wish list" and the new products that may interest you. All this information is presented thanks to a predictive algorithm. Several weeks after the last search they send you emails highlighting offers about the products you have looked at. All this “dynamic personalization" and communication through emails, is possible with automation software. It is essential to implement inbound marketing strategies, using the most revolutionary methodology to increase sales in an organic way.

Marketing automation software was once something exclusive only to big companies, who could pay a lot of money for that technology. In fact, many used to their systems areas but still required a strong investment. Until the beginning of the last decade, the cost of building such software outweighed cost savings. However, thanks to the proliferation of independent developers, marketing automation software are now easily available to B2C and B2B companies of all sizes. In fact, B2B companies are taking great advantage of these platforms through their integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) systems.This helps to combine and rationalize marketing and sales efforts to the fullest, creating a 360-degree view of every action.

Here are some of the reasons why a company should adopt marketing automation software:

Save time

They allow you to program ahead of time and with freedom, according to your own adjustments. Working hours can be used for other activities while pre-scheduled marketing actions run alone.

Higher efficiency

They provide a streamlined alternative to traditionally manual processes. Spending on time and labor can be reduced.

Integration with CRM

They can help make sure that the leads you took so hard do not disappear, even after a couple of unsuccessful contacts.

Data collection

Automation software offers a point of contact to customers that is not necessarily sales driven. They can help provide better insight into product or service failures and be used to collect specific data to improve your communication campaigns.

Multi-channel management

Thanks to the multiple channels on which consumers can find themselves, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of all of them. These platforms help you have control over any channel.


They allow the incorporation of all your marketing efforts in a single process, which helps to develop true campaigns.


They help to tailor the experience for each user, creating a unique and welcoming opportunity that is relevant to turning those prospects into customers.

What is no longer in doubt is that a marketing automation software is something you need to grow your business. However, there are many deals on the market and you need to research very well.

Find out. Investigate. And in a couple of months, after discussing it with your team, take action. And remember: you need patience. In the ideal world, everything depends on the impulses. However, in the real world, everything depends on your perseverance.

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